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We do have some mamas that currently live with a guardian family. These dogs live full time with their families throughout the year. When it is close to their due date for having puppies, they will come to our farm to have and raise their pups. The dogs will stay at the farm until their puppies have been fully weaned and are on their way to their forever families. Ownership of these dogs remains with Iowa Goldendoodle Dandy’s. We cover the costs of annual vet exams, vaccines, and breeding fees. Once they are ready to retire, they become full official members of their guardian family!

If interested in becoming a guardian family contact us below!

IGD Guardianship

Our IDG Dogs with their Guardian Families 

Current dogs that live with guardian families includes our

Male poodle- Charlie

 Female retrievers-Luna, Shay, and Holland! 



Here at Iowa Goldendoodle Dandys, we are always looking for exceptional families to adopt our retiring females. We consider age, previous litters, health and temperament when making the decision to retire one of our dogs. These are great dogs, who are approximately 5 years old, housetrained, and  full of life and love. We believe these girls should be “top dog” not having to share so much attention in their retirement. 
This is a great opportunity for retriever lovers who want to bypass the puppy stage.

Currently we are looking for a home for Maylee. She is the English Cream Retriever shown! 

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