Family-Owned Business

Iowa Goldendoodle Dandys is located near Humboldt in North Central Iowa. We are not a kennel but a family owned business. The Golden Retrievers we breed are our pets and roam our farms freely. They are pampered and receive much love & attention from our family. Our dogs and puppies are vet checked and vaccinated. We provide good nutrition, exercise, vet care and a new clean facility for sleeping and whelping. Our F1 minis are smart, playful, very kid friendly and family oriented. They make a great & lovable addition to all families.

Rick, Jodi, Heidi and Taylor 



Rick and Jodi live on an acreage near Humboldt. Our dogs have lots of room to run and a newly constructed barn they live, whelp and we raise them and their doodles in.

Taylor and Heidi live with their dogs on a acreage 10 miles away. We regularly take our dogs for walks on a nearby trail so they enjoy lots of exercise and live a great life here with our family. Our puppies are handled daily so go to their new families very loved and socialized. 


June Pups-07.jpg


Our Goldendoodles with more of a Poodle influence tend to weigh 16-25 pounds. However dogs favoring more of the Golden Retriever will weigh up
to 50 pounds when full grown at a year old. As a crossbreed they have a wide variety of appearances. Those with poodle tendencies have a thinner coat and
shorter muzzle while the retriever influence will have wider necks and a longer muzzle. They can have long or short ears. Most have a v-shaped ridge from the
forehead to the nose.