Some play time photos of Marge's Fall 2021 litter before they go to their furever homes this week!

Marge, Noodles and Ireland's pups got in on family photos before they went/go to their furever homes! Spring 2021

All are reserved


*Litter reservation time is a tentative plan of moms that have been bred or should be bred. Nothing is for sure until the puppies have been born.

Now taking reservations for UPCOMING doodles! Pups would be ready to go home Summer 2022!  

Pups are here from Maze, Boston, and Bryer! 

Expecting litters soon from  Shae!!

Maze's pups are growing so fast! See Pictures Below!

Meet Our Poodles!
JoJo and Charlie 
JoJo (White) and Charlie (Red with markings) are our poodles that are currently being used for breeding.